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meet the techretaries

tanya meronk

tanya meronk

co-founder - head techretary®, client relations

Tanya’s formal education in film created a need for advertising new projects quickly and easily, first websites for her own projects and then for other people. Web design led her into IT, being the one in the office who knew the "tech stuff." Through late nights and sheer tenacity, Tanya is a self-taught techie who has a knack for seemingly metaphysically healing tech and sometimes even people. Bridging the gap between a person's physical and digital lifestyle is a mission she is fulfilling one client at a time.

She can't live without meditation, espresso, and making Danny laugh. She enjoys sharing Sookie's attention with Danny.

credit: illustration by esymai

danny tribble

danny tribble

co-founder - business manager, legal, finance

Daniel’s formal education in writing leaned into a business vehicle for language and communication. A former sales manager, his jam is business ethics, an outlook that proudly insists, “do right by others and they will do right by you.”

He loves Judy Justice, Reishi mushroom drinks, high-end design, and home-made music. His (and Tanya's) cat "Sookie" is a blind orange/white tabby who lives by the crinkle.

credit: illustration by esymai

our mantra:
be kind, be patient, and restart.

Our mantra came to us when we realized tech support is more than having the knowledge and knowing which buttons to press. It’s about the energy you bring to the problem, especially when tech is being reaaallllyyy annoying. And so, we have endless patience and limitless kindness for the tech, the people who made it, and those who are forced to use it. And when we hit our limit and get that “crunchy” feeling in our brains, we like to do a restart and take a walk, do a stretch, and come back to the problem later with fresh eyes. We help the people who work with us do the same.

real-life client cappuccino

how we started

In 2013, the digital culture was changing and we could feel our employers resisting. After all, progressive, open source culture is not good for old-fashioned business. So, we decided to use what we had learned from our day jobs, and the predominate tech culture all around us, to develop Techretaries into a remote, open-source minded company.

On-site if necessary, off-site as a standard, always working for solutions and sharing the answers. We began developing relationships and prowess for small business infrastructure, utilizing web-based tools combined with networking and storage, both local and cloud based. The more we learned, the more we were able to develop our own business while supporting others.

Everybody needs a Techretary.

We would like to be yours.

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