How to Save Attachments in Apple Mail

Do you ever want to do something so simple that it gets complicated? Apple Mail can be like that sometimes. Here are a few tips for working with attachments in Apple Mail. Saving attachments in emails sent to you: Open Apple Mail Click on the email (you...

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Artificial Intelligence Everyday?

Every day there have been lots of strange, scary things in the news about Artificial Intelligence. I touched on some of this in a post a couple of weeks ago. Mostly, or so it seems, these scary ideas are coming from Elon Musk warning the world of killer...

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Techretaries Affiliate Shop

Before I jump in. I know what you're thinking. Techretaries Affiliate Shop? Aren't affiliate shops where house-wives go to earn extra cash by harping on products like Tupperware and MaryKay. Inviting their soccer-mom, Facebook friends to buy overpriced...

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ShipStation Partners

Techretaries is proud to announce a brand new partnership with ShipStation! Effective immediately Techretaries will be providing our customers with special access to ShipStation and its many e-commerce super-powers. Integrating seamlessly with Etsy, eBay,...

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Microsoft’s Least Evil Move Yet?

When I say Microsoft's least evil move I say that with all due respect. But honestly, there have been a lot of reason to resent Microsoft over the years. As long as I've been using computers, the 90's, Microsoft has been the elite computer company with an...

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Playlists to Blast in the Office

It's summer time and that means sun tan lotion, trips to the beach, time with friends and family. And of course blasting sweet tunes while "Top Gun high fiving". Unless you're working. For those of us that aren't public school teachers or retired golden oldies, our...

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Spoiled Kid or Genius; North Korea WannaCry

North Korea has been linked to WannaCry ransomware. And despite the real horror, this worldwide hack created, we have to ask. Is North Korea's dictator a spoiled kid or a genius? Answer: a Spoiled kid. Before I go too far and people call me an unAmerican traitor. When...

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3 Essentials for Upgrading the Office Network

Deciding to upgrade your office network in any way can be a nightmare reserved for the first circle of Dante's Inferno. Leaving you in an endless limbo of despondency that slowly drips days then weeks and months of your productivity. To accomplish a pristine upgrade...

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Intercom vs. Zendesk: Scaling Customer Service

Intercom vs. Zendesk: Scaling Customer Service Here at Techretaries, we believe interfacing with customers in a meaningful way is the foundation to providing quality customer service. This usually means quick response times from a courteous, knowledgeable support...

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Is Social Media Strategy Killing Your Business?

Is Your Social Media Strategy Killing Your Business? Crowdfire or Hootsuite. Is your social media strategy actually doing damage? Maybe. Probably not. But it may not be helping. It's easy to watch successful people and companies fill their social media feeds with...

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Don’t You WannaCry: Windows Might Kill People.

In case you haven’t been paying attention. Starting Friday, May 12th the NHS or British Healthcare system along with dozens of other companies throughout the UK, Russia, Ukraine, India, China Italy, Egypt, South America and the U.S. have been under attack. Their...

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