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New York City

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The Challenge

Kathleen knows media and she was looking for an opportunity to develop her personal brand. She was coming off of an emmy-award winning run as a TV news producer and wanted to achieve the next level of mastery by showcasing her accomplishments and spreading her knowledge to others.

The Solution

To properly empower Kathleen, she needed a clean and clear website to reflect her training style. We provided her with a WordPress website that clearly conveys what she does and how she does it using the Elegant Themes’ Divi theme. We used testimonials from industry giants, like Anderson Cooper, as well as quotes Kathleen uses in her presentations as a centerpiece for the design.

We then coached her on social media best practices and how to’s, keeping her branding consistent across platforms to maximize Search Engine Optimization and to create a following. We established a G-Suite (Google Apps for Work) account to accompany the new website, which included a new work email account for Kathleen, as well as the ability to upload videos and documents to G-Drive, and sync email to her iPhone. We also helped her create a template presentation in Google Sheets for her award winning media presentations.


Now Kathleen has the tools and is leveraging her knowledge and network into a award-winning, media training company. Today we maintain kathleenfrierymediatraining.com and consult with Kathleen on web marketing to further her business.

“I like to think of them as my first responders. Rescue workers for whenever I need tech support. They’re fast and they solve problems. There are enough tough challenges running a business. For me, a tech problem isn’t one of them.”

— Kathleen Friery
Kathleen Friery Media Training

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